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"We're not going to say that we came back to Western New York for the food, but..."

What is Buffalo Chow: A breakthrough regional food, drink, and restaurant review site developed by Jeremy & Christina Horwitz in Western New York, now in its third evolution.

Our Primary Mission: Share Western New York's food, drinks, and restaurants with the world, and share the world's best edible treats with Western New York, expanding our local appreciation for culinary excellence and variety.

Our Secondary Mission: Improve the accuracy, integrity, and objectivity of local food reporting, by presenting an impartial view of local restaurants and events, free from influence of advertisers or the businesses we cover.

Our Promise: We are early adopters of the Food Blog Code of Ethics and follow the Food Critics' Guidelines suggested by the Association of Food Journalists. We do not accept free meals, discounted meals, or compensation for our coverage from the subjects of our coverage. We do not discuss our articles with the subjects of our coverage prior to publication. We are proud to follow the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Our Bias: Simple - we love great food. We want to see WNY foods and drinks receive the international attention they deserve, and we also want to see more great foods and drinks in Western New York. We're not in any way involved with any of the businesses we cover, and don't accept cash (or anything else) in exchange for reviews. Everything you read on Buffalo Chow should be understood as our opinion and observation, not absolute fact, so if you disagree with something you see here, that's your prerogative. Rest assured, however, that our opinions were reached honestly. Advertisements that may appear on our pages are served by separate ad servers, are entirely independent from our editorial coverage, and played no role in influencing our coverage.

Our Team:

Jeremy Horwitz, Editor: Born in Buffalo and raised in Amherst, Jeremy spent the first 20 years of his life living and eating in Western New York. A graduate of the University at Buffalo (Honors, Political Science), Canisius College (M.B.A.), and Cornell Law School (Cum Laude) with earlier coursework in journalism from Cornell, he has served as an Illinois-based Editor-in-Chief of Ziff-Davis's Intelligent Gamer magazine and web site, practiced law in Orange County, California, and now edits world-leading Apple iPod and iPhone web site iLounge.com, as well as Buffalo Chow. He is the organizer of the iLounge Pavilion at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first unified CES area for iPod, iPhone, and Mac products and services. Having sampled fugu, basashi, and squirrel in Japan, and virtually every other exotic dish he could find anywhere else, he longs for WNY to get a great Chinese dim sum parlor, a Japanese izakaya, and an Ethiopian restaurant.

Christina Horwitz, Editor: Having previously lived in cities ranging from Seattle to Kansas City, Kansas, the Napa Valley, San Jose, Northridge, Palm Springs, and Mission Viejo, California, Christina now lives in and loves East Amherst. With a dual background in communications (Pacific Union College) and real estate sales, Christina has worked as a Realtor in Washington, California, and New York, and is a licensed Real Estate Broker based in Amherst. Her extensive travels throughout Europe and Mexico have been augmented by visits to Asia-Pacific destinations such as Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. A serious fan of wings even before coming to Western New York, she has eaten at hundreds of the area's best restaurants, and finds herself wishing for In'n Out Burger, Vivace Coffee, a place to get Katsu Curry, and an Oki Doki-style izakaya.

Sake & Roman, Dogs: Jeremy & Christina's Siberian Husky and St. Bernard/Collie love leftovers and are willing to eat even the nastiest sushi.

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Comments (3)

Kelvin :

Finally, decent WNY restaurant reviews. Thoughtful, objective, informative and you seem to know what authentic mexican is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm an academic and food writer from Eugene, OR, and will be in Buffalo doing research in April and June, so I just found your excellent site. Thank you! It's going to be very helpful as a guide. If you're ever in Eugene, give me a shout out.

Abby :

Fantastic site. I've lived in this area for 5 years and am a native Californian. So I appreciate that you know food and are passionate about giving quality reviews. I love the pictures that you supply with the reviews. And this probably the only site I will go for restaurant reviews. Keep up the amazing work!

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