Grover's: Burgers Too Big to Eat in Twos

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Grover's Bar & Grill
9160 Transit Rd, East Amherst, NY 14051
Phone: 716.636.1803
Rating:    [learn more]

Huge, locally famous 12-ounce hamburgers, served under sauces and toppings, are enough to stuff virtually any starving patron; other menu items are generally good.


The burgers aren't always cooked quite right and can easily come out on the soggy and disgusting side; sometimes brusque service can be off-putting.

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"Grover's service can be brusque - enough to merit a lower than average tip - and if its burgers aren't cooked enough, you'll find their soggy ground beef cores unpalatable."

Many of the restaurants in Clarence and East Amherst have the look and feel of old school taverns - places that were originally designed to serve drinks, but over the course of years have developed reputations for one or two signature dishes. Without question, Grover's Bar & Grill on Transit Road is better known for its oversized hamburgers than anything else; amazingly, people stand in line here to get them. But are the burgers worth waiting for? We were surprised at the answer.

The Story: Grover's monsterous hamburgers are so huge that the wait staff should seriously discourage customers from ordering anything else at the same time. You might assume that you're about to receive a half pound of ground beef, but at 12 ounces in meat weight, plus bun and toppings, the burgers can stuff - or choke - a hungry diner within minutes of delivery. Slathered in ketchup, mustard, lettuce and onions, you can also get the burgers with items of your choice. We tried the bacon burger, ordered sauce free but topped with slices of brown fried bacon, plus lettuce and tomato. The other menu items, chicken wings and sandwiches, mostly - aren't bad, either.

Highs: Whether you're there for lunch or dinner, you're guaranteed to walk out of Grover's with a full stomach for a relatively reasonable price. A burger and fries or onion rings will be enough to stuff most people to the edges of their cheeks; we've generally been impressed or overwhelmed by the portion sizes. You'll also find televised sporting events and a good selection of drinks on tap.

Lows: Grover's service can be brusque - enough to merit a lower than average tip - and if its burgers aren't cooked enough, you'll find their soggy ground beef cores unpalatable, somewhat like California's infamous In-N-Out 100x100. Order conservatively, and have your burger cooked to at least medium. This isn't steak, it's ground beef, and it doesn't go down quite as well when it's rare.

The Verdict: If you're looking to expand your belly and really like burgers, Grover's is worth a visit. In our view, the question of whether you'll enjoy the experience will come down heavily to whether quantity or quality is your focus; this is the type of meal that can weigh heavily on your mind, and gullet, for hours afterwards.

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