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Bubbly: A Roundup of WNY Drinks
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Sure, Buffalo Chow's editors love Western New York's foods, but we wouldn't want to neglect another local treasure: delicious beverages. Ask a long-time resident what non-alcoholic drink they most associate with this area, and there's a great chance the answer will be loganberry, a fruit beverage that was exported here from nearby Crystal Beach in Canada. Beers from Canada, neighboring states, and even nearby cities have also been extremely popular. But in recent years, Western New York has also enjoyed the growth of the Niagara Wine Trail, a collection of more than a dozen relatively young wineries that starts in Lockport, New York and continues north to Lake Ontario, spanning mostly Niagara County towns including Appleton, Burt, Cambria, Gasport, Medina, and Wilson. An additional 25 wineries are across the border in Canada's Niagara Peninsula trail at Niagara-On-The-Lake, with even more - many more - up the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) heading towards Toronto.

To date, our Bubbly column has reviewed the following categories of sweet wines from around Western New York and other notable areas, with picks ranging from a half star to three and a half stars in overall quality. Mixed in are a number of beer, cream tequila, sake, and sparkling sake picks our editors and friends really enjoy, as well. Each review includes the address and/or web links to local stores or wineries that carry the beverages we've covered.

Blueberry Wine and Beer

Catawba Grape Wines

Cherry Wines

Chocolate Martinis & Related Cocktails

Cranberry Wines

Cream Tequilas

Niagara Grape Wines

Pinot Noir


Raspberry Wines


Semi-Dry, Pizza-Friendly Reds

Sparkling Sakes

Additional non-alcoholic drinks reviewed include:


Western New York's Cheap Coffee Shops, Other Coffee Shops, and Starbucks

We will continue to add to this list as we find additional worthwhile options to share with our readers; in the meanwhile, you can find our full list of drink-related reviews here. This page was last updated on March 8, 2009.

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Jim Collins :

I am interested in finding any info about Anderson's Drink Co. We have a very nice vintage fridge/cooler, store vendor chest, electric. We are having a hard time getting any info about the Co. I beleive it is local to the Buffalo area and for all I know may still be around. Thanks for any help in this matter.

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