Discuss It: What Are You Eating On Christmas + New Year's?

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Something fun is planned for our Christmas meal - hint in the photo, details coming after the meal's over - but we want to hear about your plans: what and where will you be eating on Christmas? How about New Year's Eve? Will you be enjoying meals with the family at home, or are you planning something exciting at a restaurant or two - assuming that you can find a place that's open, with tables?

This week's open discussion was inspired by reader Amanda (@manda903 on Twitter), who asked about local dinner options for New Year's Eve. A quick check last night showed that some of the top area restaurants still have tables open for New Year's, but Christmas is obviously more of a challenge, as chefs, servers, and management tend not to hang around waiting for customers on the holiday. There are exceptions, of course: Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and some other ethnic restaurants are traditionally open on Christmas for those who want or need to go out.

Post your plans and thoughts in the comments section below! If you've had any especially memorable past meals on Christmas or New Year's, feel free to share them, too.

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Comments (3)

Elaine :

1. Every year, Temple Beth Am (Sheridan Dr), has a December 25th 'Magical Chinese Dinner' on December 25th. A magician performs table-side and there is a buffet dinner. In the past, May Jen provided food but this year it's Eastern Pearl. Cost is reasonable, the community is invited, but reservations need to be made in advance. A fun thing to do.

2. If you are really stuck for food, most hospitals have food service available for staff and visitors.

3. Is Denny's still open 24/7/365?

JJ :

We enjoy Polish Sausage & Pierogies on Christmas Eve, then leftover Polish Sausage with eggs on Christmas morning.

Going out for dinner on New Year's Eve I find annoying due to the overpriced "Special" limited menus that are foisted on customers at most local restaurants. Unfortunately, we will usually go to a chain like Outback Steak House or Cheesecake Factory on New Year's Eve where the menu is the same in both selection and price on New Year's Eve as it always is.

I say unfortunately not because I'm one of those anti-chain snobs but because in the past, local restaurants have produced disappointing results at inflated prices on New Year's Eve.

Matt L. :

Tonight, we had boeuf bourguignon, sautéed green beans, mashed potatoes, good Italian bread, and salad. For dessert we had (all homemade) 'candy cane' mint ice cream, devil's food cupcakes, and, of course, cookies.

For Christmas Day, we'll be having lazy pierogies, potato and onion pierogies, sausage, ham, salad, and garlic bread. And for dessert, on a much lighter note, a frozen key lime tart.

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